Capturing your character.


Filmmaker & Photographer

Capture your Business Character

Gideon captures the truth character of your Business.
Presenting your skills, characteristics and quality to the world in a unique result.

His workflow is known for creativity, passion and time-effiency. Using his experience to create special results, which seperates your presence from others and make your business standout.

His work is called "Character Art". Your Business will stand out, by presenting it's pure character in the light it deserves. For this Gideon is using creative and stylistic methods, which are matching the individual business character, your character.

Equestrian Sport

This is Gideons specialty, combining two different worlds in either photographs or film. The Equestrian Sport is something he values more than others and combinig the characteristic expression of a horse with business impressions is his idea.

Since this is a project he identifys with, he is always open for business leaders and there teams to become part of it. Obviously the idea comes from giving opportunitys to businesses by standing out with something uncommon.

Why should business photographs be always the same?
Why should business photographs be always pure business?

Be different and show your customers that you can surprise them.
Find your surprising combination, that can be any sport.